Thursday, December 17, 2009

Storm The Brain! With Brainstorming!

Main Points:
1. Brainstorming is exciting
2. There are ways to curb brainstorming block

Isn't it amazing how much computing power and creative ideas stem from just talking? From just having a conversation. It is amazing how you think you have the best idea, but then someone throws a twist your way, someone simply speaks and it triggers a new and better version, version 2.0 of your idea in your head. It's a process that is exciting from the get-go, or maybe just for me.

I enjoy brainstorming. I don't think there is a better way to improve ideas than to open it up to multiple people. Of course, you need to set limits to how much you open up your brainstorming activities but in general, the more the better. There is nothing more exciting than the first couple minutes in a brainstorming session. Well, actually there is, but I guess I am just different. Then, when you get going and white boards fill up, notes are flying, people are getting excited about the idea, that's where the magic is. But, we all know that some days the magic doesn't happen. After reading through blogs and books, I have compiled a list of ideas you can use to curb writers block.

1. Find a place of peace. Find where you are comfortable, then change it up, change it back, change it again, re-change it, go outside, go upstairs, find your place of peace. When I say peace, I mean the place where you start thinking creatively. It will be different on multiple occasions.

2. Bring a friend. Ask a friend. Ask a stranger. Anything to make you think differently.

3. Constrain your limits or set goals. Such as, 5 new ideas, then you are done. 15 minutes, then you are done. Remember, no idea is stupid or absurd. Sometimes, the weirdest ideas will trigger the best ideas.

4. Meditate. Self-reflect. You have come up with great ideas before, this is no different. When you finally start the flow, you'll wonder why you had block in the first place.

5. Eat something or stimulate your mind. No specifics, everyone is different, if you catch my drift.

There are other methods to curbing brainstorming blocks but these I thought were powerful and interesting.

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