Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Journey Through Patent Land

About a year ago, I started following a website that was designed by a guy who had some ingenious idea and wanted Google to hear him. He video taped his own thoughts and shared them with a select few and suddenly his audience grew. People were very intrigued by this mystery idea he had. And, of all places, why is he only reaching out to Google?

He was determined to get heard so he drove to their headquarters multiple times and waited in their lobby. Long story short, he was finally heard, they picked up his idea and he ran with it.

This will be my first attempt to build that same type of environment, that same suspense he created, all through the internet. So here are a couple updates regarding my patent expedition:

October 2009 - Pitched preliminary idea to our Director of Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University. Intrigued by the idea, he pointed me into the direction of protecting my "process" and so I moved with it. Now, it was a good direction to be pointed in, but it is very overwhelming. I attempted to research through the USPTO website and couldn't find exactly what I dreampt of, that was good news.

February 2010 - Was introduced to my friends husband who is involved in the banking industry. Had a couple meetings with him and started mapping out details on just how this process would function. Without his knowledge, I probably would have given up since it is somewhat complex. Though, just because it is complex and would require a large investment, that is not distracting me. The returns on investment are big enough to not even worry about the initial investment.

March 2010 - Pitched my more detailed idea/plan to the Director of Entrepreneurship again and he loved it.

And that is where I stand now. Waiting.

Feel free to e-mail me any questions, comments or support. Thanks!

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