Monday, March 15, 2010


So FRESH and so NEW.

Take Away:
1. FRESH content is unlimited and interesting
2. NEW is in.

Online communities thrive on these concepts. Freshness, the ability to create an unlimited stream of content. It's a long lasting conversation taking place through digital bits. Freshness is the supply of ideas, constantly, to your tribe, to your followers, to your friends, to strangers, to educators, to anyone who wants to know. Whether a freshness update is just a picture or just a couple paragraphs, it doesn't matter. People want to be included with NEW things. NEW products, NEW services. If one had a choice, all things being equal, to use a product, they would choose the NEW one. There is something around the idea of NEW.

There are always NEW products in the marketplace. Always some NEW service that is suppose to increase our efficiency. There is a constant update of NEW things in this world. When I say things, I mean physical products. So, it's not abnormal to see the same thing occurring in the digital world. We as people just like NEW things. End of story.

We see the concept of NEW and FRESH everyday now. In the physical and digital worlds. Within our online communities and social networking sites there is a constant supply of NEW updates, NEW pictures, plain old NEW content. Fortunately, it gives us normal people something to look at, something to compare our lives to, cause that's what we do. What I am trying to do is relate the concept of NEW to ventures you want to take, business' you want to start, things you want to do. NEW is not bad. It's a good thing. We need to invent some type of system that slaps us every week and reminds us to think NEW. We are completely bogged down with our everyday life and work and blah blah blah that we lose site of our own lives. Please, if anyone gets anything from this post, think of something NEW that you want to do and freakin do it.

What do you think? My call to action is (1) comment, re-tweet, engage (2) do something NEW!
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