Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Entrepreneurship. Plus update.

Good news. Due to my directors great connections, he has set me up with a meeting, whom is an alum of SDSU and specializes in intellectual property and patent law. This is the next step I have been waiting for.

What is an idea actually worth? One article I read said nothing. One said, 1.00. One said, 20.00 but it depends on how good the idea is. I believe it is a combination of all of these. Many of us have great ideas. Brilliant ideas that if we only ran into that one old man at the tavern who had large amounts of cash billowing out of his pockets who would give to us, then ohh boy, we would be in the money. It is much harder than that, though that would be pretty nice.

An idea isn't worth much until you can prove it is attainable and profitable. It takes hard work and networking. It takes determination and passion.

While browsing for my textbooks earlier this semester, I ran into an Entrepreneur textbook and thought to myself, "Is this really a class?" And, it actually is, though many do not know about it. I have started reading some of it and interestingly, the authors try to connect genes with entrepreneurship. They say that, some people are born to be entrepreneurs. Because, in a way, being an entrepreneur is not all about coming up with a great idea. Being an entrepreneur is about recognizing opportunities. Most new business' are built from problem recognition. Entrepreneurs are the ones who see the problem, evaluate an alternative and exploit that opportunity. The authors go on to say that lifestyles also affect future entrepreneurs.

It is not just the idea that will get you there, it's also the execution.

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