Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Tip Network: Bringing the Bank to You

For all who don't know, mainly due to the fact that I personally couldn't say anything until certain milestones were reached, but I have started my own company. One big milestone was making sure we submitted patents and the other was the fact that we placed in the Top 10 of Entrepreneur Magazines Best New College Idea. It's an amazing accomplishment seeing how the magazine is nationwide and there were thousands of entries. Unfortunately, we were not picked to move ahead with the top 5. It was unfortunate but I feel like it gave us a boost that we wouldn't have had before. Now, we have portfolio material.

Speaking of material, for the contest we were asked to submit a three minute video detailing our business and some content. Check out our video and give me your thoughts!


Though we did not make it to the next round we are still moving forward. This has made us want to succeed even more. The reasons why we didn't move forward are still up in the air. I have e-mailed them back asking for feedback so when and if I receive any, I will update you all.

Thanks for everyone's support. The other entrants ideas were just as good, so good luck to them.

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